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Against all Oddities (Story)

Author: rRaminrodt ()
Date: 2000-03-27 00:00:00

Against all Oddities

=Scene: A dimly lit room =

A single metal table and two chairs is the only furniture that can be seen. A map has been hung on one dirty wall; it has red pins pushed into it. There's a pin in New York, Toronto, Atlanta, Chicago and a number of major cities. There is a red pin firmly planted in city of Irvine California and close to that a little below and to the left, on the coast there is a pin, a yellow pin in Riptide California.

A man sitting on one of the chairs shifts a little, preparing to speak.

Man #2: And? Is that all you wanted us to do?

Man #1: Yes. The guards are dead. Now, fortunately, so is their president. They have no lead anymore, no driving force. With all the everyday pressures on the group they will start to crack, it is only a matter of time until their spirit has been broken.

Man #2: Can't they just elect another president?

Man #1: *chuckles, begins to cough but regains his composure* Oh yes. They will try, and it will not matter. It is time for us to make our move... you have the number of our allies in Quebec?

Man #2: Ah. Yes. I will give them a call.

Man #1: Good. *He stares intently at the map* we move closer...

=Scene: Downtown Riptide =

Regulars and tourists alike mill around the center of the city commonly called "the forum." In the center is an impromptu memorial to the former president of the town. People stare at it with sad faces, fondly remembering their beloved hero president, MysteryMan.

Inside the riptide offices a meeting is underway:

Psycho_!Mas: Since neither Tridus or SM is here, I have assumed the job as impromptu coordinator of this meeting.

Psycho_Sam!: Since SM has lost his memory I don't think he'd be any help anyway!

Psycho_!Mas: Oh be quiet. Now I know your all worried about what's happening.

The crowd mutters and some of the community members say things to Mas. But their questions are lost in the din. Suddenly a door is opened letting bright light inside, two figures step into the room.

DebtAngel: I am here. I apologize for being late.

Mas: Ah. Our esteemed bank owner. No problem.

Psycho Sam! starts reciting Potters lines from its a wonderful life.

Mas hits Sam quieting him.

Mas: Ahem. Now I believe that we should all agree to pick a member of the community to lead until Tridus comes back or we can elect a real president.

Some one in the back of the room shouts: I read that the police think a regulars killed the president!

This statement is followed by more angry shouting from the crowd.

Mas(bends down to whisper to Sam): This is impossible. Can you make a list of people from the community that we can trust? You know them.

Sam: Ok. But I want a pizza.

Mas: Uhg. Just start okay. I'll postpone this meeting until after we talk with some we can trust.

=Scene: A jail =

In the four cell room two cells are occupied. One man is glaring at the other.

Anderson: You just had to speed didn't you.

rRaminrodt: We were under attack!

Anderson: Not at the moment!

rRaminrodt: Yeah. Ok fine, lets say I stayed in town and drove around slowly. Rolando would....

Anderson: Quiet. What was that?

They stop talking and listen. A muffled shout is heard, followed by the sound of a body hitting the ground. A pause, and then the sound of keys rattling in the door to cellblock B. A suited man enters the room and quietly closes the door behind him.
Agent: Well, isn't this convenient. Mr. rRaminrodt is it? Yes...

rRaminrodt: Who are you?

Agent: Trouble. I've been told you may be a rather tough fellow to kill. That's why my superiors gave me this.

He pulls out a small chrome silver device and clicks it into different dimensions, setting it up for its ultimate purpose.

Agent: And I'm sorry sir. *looking at Anderson* But you can't leave here either.

He lets go of the device, which hums and sticks where it is in the air. It turns to point toward rRamin. It begins moving forward at a rate that increases with every second. Until a hand from the next cage over snatches it out of the air.

Anderson: *twisting and breaking the device* I hate having to blow my cover...

He proceeds to run up the back wall of the cell and onto the ceiling from where he delivers a flying kick to the cell door smashing it open.

He spins facing the Agent. He smiles. The agent frowns and then attacks Anderson, they exchange punches blocks and kicks while virtually flying around the room. The agent manages to kick Anderson into the cellblock crashing rRaminrodts door open. This reactivates rRaminrodt's conscious thought just in time for him to jump out of the way of anther flying body, this time the agents.

rRaminrodt: Do you want some help?

Anderson: What were you waiting for? A written invitation?!

rRaminrodt ducks the agents punch and wills his arms to unravel into their constituent cables which he then makes into large fists. He grabs the agents leg as Anderson pummels his face with a series of punches. The agent grabs Andersons arm and flips him backwards into rRamin. They tumble to the floor and the agent kicks rRamin in the head the next time all he tries that though all his foot meets is a mass of looped cords. They entangle his foot. A large tendrily arm raises up and throws the agent back toward a waiting Anderson. Anderson catches the agent by shoulders, wraps an arm around his face and twists. A large crack is heard and a body drops the floor.

rRaminrodt (still with most of his upper body unraveled): What the? Who are you??

Anderson just reaches up and pulls at the back of his chin near his next. As you can guess the current face gets pulled off...

rRaminrodt: Edge?!

Edge: Yeah. Its me all right. I really hate having to blow my cover though.

rRaminrodt: Why were you pretending to be this Anderson guy?

Edge: Well. After Tridus became the dark lord, MysteryMan had me go undercover to investigate you.

rRamin: Me?

Edge: It was the building you built he used as a base.

rRamin: That's true. But I had nothing to do with him going bad. I heard it had to do with evil twins or something. But I haven't actually got to sit down and really talk to somebody in the know recently.

Edge: I think you're right about that. But better safe than sorry. We'd better get back to Riptide, if this guy is who I think he is we might be in bigger trouble than we ever thought....

To be continueded!

Changes by this Story:
Mas is trying (badly) to organize the people after the death of MysteryMan and disappearance of Tridus, etc. Sam is making a list of trused allies in the community. Anderson was our very own Edge all along :) The shadow-men are still up to no good.

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