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5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

Author: Tridus ()
Date: 2000-02-27 00:00:00

(whee! it sure has been a while)


*The new death match arena is filled with total darkness as the screen momentarily goes out, only to light back up along with a rather impressive fireworks display as the sound system begins playing Metallica's Enter Sandman. Standing in the entrance can be seen a silhouetted figure with his back to the Arena, arms extended outwards in the christ position. After a moment, he turns around and saunteres a few steps down the ramp, then stops. He listens to the crowds cheers and chants for a moment, then brings the mic up to his lips as the music cuts out*

Y2T - ... Welcome to the Tridus open house! *the crowd goes nuts*

Y2T - First off... can I get a big round of applause for Flutie up there! *the crowd looks at Tridus blankly* No... no really. I mean look at what he's accomplished today. It only took four of them to get into the ring and take out Sid... thats far more impressive then what he usually accomplishes, he must have been studying the replays of me in action!

*the crowd laughs*

*Flutie tries to say something but gets interrupted*

Y2T - Now... I guess there is just one question... Flutie, big dope, that english loser, and whoever the fourth nwd member is, why are you in my ring boring these Tridaholics??

*Once again Flutie tries to say something and is cut off by Tridus, almost as if someone is turning his Mic off deliberately*

Y2T - No, don't respond... I know that its a new season and all, and they aren't bored of booing you yet. But why wear it thin, we both know its me they came here to see!

*Flutie doesn't even try his mic this time, figuring it just won't work*

*Tridus takes a few steps down the ramp then stops again*

Y2T - So... because I'm such a nice guy, I'm going to give you exactly seven seconds to get out of my ring.

*Flutie laughs*

Y2T - Oh yes, you know I almost forgot. There is someone with me who would like to have a few... oh hell he just wants to kick your asses!

*P.O.D's "South Town" begins blaring over the stereo system as an extremely large and mean looking man in black Sunglasses makes his way down the ramp to take up a position just behind Tridus to his right.*

Y2T - I'm sure you all remember Styx right? *the crowd cheers, the NWD looks noticably less impressed then the crowd does*

*Tridus laughs*

Y2T - Oh so you still won't leave my ring? Well...


*Tridus smiles*

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