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Re:Y2T v MM v Dog battle summary

Author: CitizenDog ()
Date: 2000-03-27 00:00:00

oh, its was FFA settings, and on map The Hidden Shrine.

On 3/27/00 at 00:04 CitizenDog wrote:
Dog: Zerg
Y2T: Zerg
MM: Protoss

>I expand but Y2T dont like it so he takes out my expansion, i rebuild it and fend him off for a while, i get a second expansion going that no one knows about for a while, Y2T finds it, fails to take it out, so he attacks my first expansion and takes it out, then goes back to work on my second one and takes it out, by now i have 2 more expansions set up on islands that neither can get to yet so MM and Y2T battle it out in the center with me throwing stuff at them every now and then, MM gets 12 Carriers and slaughters my main base, then slaughters Y2T completely, i fit as many spore colonies on my islands as i can after seeing this, he comes at me thinking he has it won, i attack with a million scourges and take out all of his carriers with drastic losses, this repeats it self a few times, i attempt to expand back on the main land but dont get to far on each attempt and i am eventually eliminated.

>=0) hehehe

>- C.Dog


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