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Just Another Sunday At The Death Matches?

Author: Sid6.9 ()
Date: 2000-03-26 00:00:00

Just Another Sunday At The Death Matches is an in-character post by Sid6.9. If you dislike the Friday Night War Room Death Matches, then I’d suggest hitting the back button now…

The Death Match Arena is all quite. Most of the forumers are outside enjoying the sunny day as it is the warmest it’s been for quite sometime. In the center of the ring, Y2T is standing in the middle of the ring thinking to himself. He looks up at the ceiling of the Arena and then back to the mat and lets out a brief sigh in quite reflection. Suddenly a man comes from out of the darkness and approaches the ring.

It is MysteryMan who quietly walks down the ramp then up the ring steps grabbing and pulling on the ring ropes. Y2T watches as MysteryMan enters the ring and approaches him…

MM- Tridus. There you are, I’ve be…

Y2T puts up a hand to quite MysteryMan, then speaks in a solemn, very unlike Y2T voice.

Y2T- Shhh, just listen for a second.

MysteryMan quiets down and looks around the ring, but doesn’t hear anything…

MM- What am I supposed to hear?

Y2T (Looking at him quizzically)- Of course, you can’t hear them. You haven’t been here yet.

MM (Looking confused)- What do you mean can’t hear them?

Y2T- The cheers. The past battles that have taken place from the past. From when Edge took on Masta Fujji, Me against both H-H and Peak_Man. Man those were the days when it was just about the battle, and not about the politics that have been going on now. I suppose I should be counted as one of those. I did start the battles with Sid6.9. Ahhh what I wouldn’t give for the old days where you had a reason to fight, and didn’t have to worry about having someone trying to hurt or kill you before you got to the ring. I can still hear the first cheers as I Speared Peak_Man in that second Death Match. Oh what the feeling, the rush of adrenaline that I received from that

Y2T ignores him as he closes his eyes, smiles briefly, then frowns as he looks to the mat…

MM- Tridus, you’re worrying me here, what gives, ever since last Friday you haven’t been yourself.

Y2T- Things are very wrong now M and M. It’s amazing how quickly things can change. How things that were so right, can go so wrong in an instance.

MM- You mean about SM_007 returning?

Y2T (Shaking his head yes and continuing)- Life as we know it M and M has changed, and I fear for the worst. (Shakes his head again and closes his eyes) I don’t like this at all, in fact I think I am going to leav…

MM (Interjects before Y2T can finish)- No way! You can’t leave! Who will battle the nWd?

Y2T (Looking at him)- I don’t care, I hate this life I am living. It’s always about the power trip, the egos, and the meaningless fights.

MM- Power Trips?!? What do you mean, without you, they will take over and these death matches won’t mean squat! At least you can change things! At least you have the will power to stop SM_007. And egos?!? So what! Everyones got one Tridus, and yours is probably the most pure! I mean look, you have never been about evil, you have always been about entertaining your fans! And if you leave, who will make sure that the nWd doesn’t destroy that very thing! And finally meaning less fights! What the hell is meaningless about stopping the power of EVAHL! SM_007 needs to be stopped, and if you and I don’t do it, who will. This isn’t about you or your ego, or about losing your faith in your friends. It’s about stopping the wrongs that go on here. You have the power to do that now Tridus, don’t leave without putting up a fight to it. Don’t fall before you have even been tripped. And the fans are still here Tridus, they just don’t have a hero to cheer for! They need their hero back, they need the “Iootolah of Rock and Rolla” to deliver that feeling of what it was like. The need their Y2T! The man, the myth, the legend in their minds! I mean what will happ…

Y2T puts up a hand stopping him…

Y2T (Smiles at MysteryMan)- Heh, heh, look who has stopped being the student and become the teacher. All right MysteryMan, I think I know what you are saying, and I agree with you.

MysteryMan smiles at him…

Y2T- Yes you have come a long way. I was watching as you got in the ring, did you feel as the ropes pulled back against your weight?

MM- Oh yeah, it felt great to know that the ropes are now at my command.

Y2T- Can you feel the rush now, when you climb those steps? Can you feel it as you went through the ropes? Can’t you feel the fans cheering your name right now? * Starts chanting * “MysteryMan, MysteryMan, MysteryMan”

MM closes his eyes and tries to imagine it. He smiles then starts to grin…

MM- Yeah, I do feel it (As Goosebumps climb his arm) I feel the fans wanting me, needing me, earning for a new hero to fight alongside their hero in Y2T. They need a Mystery in their lives, they need the MysteryMan! But, umm, why does Big Sexy have no pants on? (As he opens his eyes)

Y2T- Okay enough imagination for you today. Come on lets get out of here. We need to make plans for Monday.

And they make their way out of the ring…

MM ( As he climbs out of the ring behind Y2T)- Does this mean I get a chance to fight finally?

Y2T- Heh, heh I said you came along way, but not yet…

As they are walking up the ramp…

MM (Upset)- Oh come on Tridus, I’m ready! Really I am.

Y2T- In heart and spirit I will not dispute you. But we need to work on some moves to go along with that. You know you just can’t come in here and kick and punch and expect to win. You need moves son, moves no one else has ever seen, or will expect.

MM- Okay so when do we do that?

Y2T- Today. I have a man stopping by to work with you. And I think you will enjoy him, as he showed me some moves that I use to this day.

And the two of them disappear behind the curtain…

Sid6.9- "If weird was a person, he'd be me!" :-)

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