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This is a story, be afraid of the dying of the light

Author: Sid6.9 ()
Date: 2000-02-23 00:00:00

Oh to be by thy mine eyes, for I have seen the horror. And it lies within me. I tried to sleep again last night, but was faced with the horror once again...

I found myself standing in a forest, just as the sun was going down. The trees around me were all dead, and there branches against the dying of the light gave me a feeling of dread. I could hear the crickets chirp, an occasional branch snap or crackle under the weight of a squrill, or when a bird takes off. The sun has set now, and the light is dying quicker and quicker. This is when my fear sets in, for the night in this forest of the damned is so dark and ominous. What was that?!? I hear sounds of scratching! Oh why do I have to hear the scratching again? It is so maddening to me, it is the way they start to torment me. Please stop, I have done nothing to you, please stop that scratching.

Then I hear the mild soft moaning. It is soft at first, much like a babies cry, very soothing and good to the ears. But then suddenly is sheirks and screams, then returns to a louder moaning, much like a mans when he has been eviscerated and can no longer move or want to move. Much rather just lie there and wait for the dying time. I am scared to death now, and try to start walking out of this damned forest. But alas, I cannot, I cannot make it out, there is never and ending to it. I continue to walk, while the scratching and the moaning continue behind me, getting louder and closer to me. And that is when I first see them.

Well not really them, but I see what appears to be eyes staring directly into me. Peircing my eyes, and looking into my soul. The eyes are much like and animals when light shines upon them, but instead, there is no light out here, so how can they shine like this. The eyes I see are a glowing red with white mixed into them. I stop walking and stare into them, I cannot stop looking. They want me to come closer, they tell me things will be all right, but I know they will not. The moaning and scratching keep getting closer and I turn to get away from the dead eyes that stare at me. The moaning is replaced with a loud groaning noise now, and I fear that it is just behind me. I look and see the glowing red and white eyes right behind me. Many of them, they want me, want me to do evil things, they want to do evil things to me. I am scared out of my wits now, and I start to run, or try too.

I lift my feet and begin to run, but it is slower than when I was walking, I feel like I am in molasess. My feet lift up but they do not move anywhere. Meanwhile I can feel the hot breath of the beasts on my neck, I try to scream, but only a slight high pitched noise comes out. I felt it! It touched me! Please just leave me alone leave me alone! No don't please no! The thing has got ahold of me, please no, I can feel its hot breath on my neck, and I am afraid to look behind me, at it, the vile thing that it is. It then says to me.

"Pardon me, but would you happen to have any grey puppon?"

Sid6.9- "If weird was a person, he'd be me!" :-)

This is a story, be afraid of the dying of the light - Sid6.9 - 2000-02-23 00:00:00