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Sure, I COULD kiss his ass, but what's the point?

Author: Psycho Sam! ()
Date: 2000-03-25 00:00:00

If I went ahead and puckered up, I'd be no better than all the other candidates: So sure that my campaign is rotten that I NEED to have an unfair advantage.

I mean, come on. Do I really need to kiss anyones ass? No, because I know the forumers will do the right thing when they vote, and I know there is the faint possibility that they won't vote for me, I believe that voting for me would be a great choice.

Anyway, so far how much has MysteryMan done as president? We all know that the purpose of the president is not to weild power, but to take attention away from it, and who better to do the job than me? We all know that the title is basically meaningless, but if I were elected I'd make it a point to find who's in power and force them to give it back to the people.

Plus, if you vote for me, it'll be easier just because you'll already have your minds made up and you won't have to do all that htinking that usually comes with an election. Myself, I prefer not to think too hard.

I am Sam!
Psycho Sam!
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