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Well, the kid deserves it.

Author: El cazador ()
Date: 2000-03-24 00:00:00

Though you're right about the way the Oscar awards are handled. They leave many movies out and nominate some that don't really deserve it, and I feel that sometimes, the choices are made based a lot on other things that don't have absolutely anything to do with acting, scripting, or directing a movie.

But the kid deserves it. A good adult actor could have reached the same amount of emotion and such the kid gave to his character, because he can play the part; but a 12 year old kid? Kids are usually chosen to play roles more because their real life personalities resemble that of their characters, than because they can act. This kid really made me believe he was scared all the way through the movie. He did an awesome job. You can bet that if he wins it was because of acting skill (and, yes, because it'll make them look good and the Academy tends to favor kid actors too). Just hope they don't pull another "Marissa Tomei" out of their hats.

Oh, and my island beach trip just crashed and burned. The guy who owns the car and is a relative of the owner of the house we were going to go to, just can't make it. So wich one is better? "The insider" or "The green Mile"?. There's a chance of me going to see the "Mr. Ripley" one, but my girlfriend isn't too thrilled about that one. They aren't showing "Magnolia" just yet, because we get movies late down here. (But at least we get 'em cheap! $3.75! and $2.00 on wednesdays!)

El cazador
P.D. I have absolutely no idea what "Green Mile" is about. Just know it has to do with jail and miracles, and stars Tom Hanks. Don't spoil it for me pleez.

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