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*assassinates SM_007* (I'm glad you cleared that up before I assassinated you)

Author: RStefan01 ()
Date: 2000-03-24 00:00:00

On 3/24/00 at 18:33 SM_007 wrote:
>The stories and the election are two seperate universes. So that means just because my characters is clueless and has lost his memory in the stories, it doesn't mean that I am this way for the election posts. Also, I wouldn't consider the election its own "universe," since really, it's meant to be in real life, and there isn't supposed to be stories for the elections on what is happening, which is why I am posting this here. When an election is occuring, people should only focus on making "Why you should elect me" and comedy posts, and not try to come up with a coherent series of events in some twisted timeline. The election posts are for real. The story posts are completely made up, obviously.

>Some people want to know why, then, the stories started off with the tellings of what happened with Dark Lord Tridus and why MysteryMan is President in them. Well, simply, the staff agreed at a previous meeting that whoever was president in real life would have power over the characters IN THE STORYVERSE. And we used the real life election events to jump-start our stories and have a plot to base things on. Now that this is done, the real life election events do not have any effect on the storyverse.

>Does everyone understand this, now? So, really, the election posts should be more geared towards your real personalities and whatnot, but can also be humourous as well. But there really is a real president, and the line between fantasy and reality shouldn't be blurred the way it is being blurred at the moment. So if our good, old buddy MysteryMan wants to kill of his character in the storyverse, that's fine and dandy with me, as long as he understands that this has no effect on the elections at all, and unless the REAL Reed sitting at the computer dies (God forbid), he's, you know, still there. :)

>Hope this clears things up before people start pretending to "assassinate" each other and whatnot.

>Questions, comments and the like are all welcome in reply to this post.

>We may be through with the past, but the past is not through with us.


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