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The Attacks

Author: Reed ()
Date: 2000-03-24 00:00:00

Two people creep down an ally. They hide behind a trash can, as they hear someone making a speech.

Person#1 whispers, "What do we do with the body?"

"Beat it up," answers Person#2.

Adun, after happily making a speech, walks down that ally. He passes a trash can, then he hears a noise behind him. He starts to turn around, but his back of his head suddenly burns like crazy, and he realizes he was hit. He turns around and only sees red before he falls to the ground.

The next day...

MysteryMan frowns as SoulTaker reveals the news. "Sir, several of our canidates for President have been beaten up. They fear it is you, because they always see red, like your eyes, and there are two of them, like us."

MysteryMan swears. "Shit!"

MysteryMan stands up, and looks out the window. It's late and dark. "I'm going for a walk, SoulTaker."

MysteryMan walks out of the RipTide building, knowing SoulTaker will undoubtly follow him. He walks into the woods.

I'm lucky I can see in the dark, MysteryMan thinks. The woods weren't quite so scary that way.

However, MysteryMan was actually very worried. "Who was doing this?"

MysteryMan stopped and looked up. It was a full moon, and it gave some light. The trees branches waved in the wind, and it seemed as if people were everywhere.

But...were there? Something wasn't right...MysteryMan heard a snap of a twig behind him. He whirrled around, and stared at two people.

Being able to see in the dark didn't help him, because both people are wearing masks. The masks look to be ancient. MysteryMan's voice shakes as he asks a question.

"You're from Riptide, aren't you?"

Person#1 laughs. "How'd you know?"

Person#2 turns to face the first person. "You idiot! Don't tell him that!"

Person#1 looks at Person#2. "I don't care if he knows we hang around Riptide..." He turns to face MysteryMan. "Yes, we are regulars...but too bad you won't be able to tell anyone..."

Person#1 runs up and punches, but MysteryMan ducks and kicks the person in the stomach. Person#1 staggers back.

Person#2 jumps on MysteryMan's back and begins pounding. Person#1, taking advantage of MysteryMan being distracted and off balance, rams into MysteryMan. MysteryMan gives a gasp.

MysteryMan pulls back his hand, and slams it into Person#1's throat. Person#1 gasps for breath. However, Person#2 is still punding on MysteryMan's back.

MysteryMan flings himself onto the ground, knocking the second person off. MysteryMan rolls out of Person#2's range and stands up. He faces Person#1.

Person#1 is still gasping for breath. MysteryMan slams into him, and punches, perhaps the strongest punch he ever punched, Person#1's head. He moans.

Person#2 leaps into the air, and slams his fists on MysteryMan's head. MysteryMan struggles to stay from becoming unconcisous. Person#2 grabs MysteryMan, and begins pushing him towards...a cliff.

MysteryMan glances back and sees the cliff. He struggles, and suddenly rips off the mask of Person#2. He stares.

"It's you!" he whispers.

Person#2 sneers and suddenly shoves MysteryMan. MysteryMan falls towards the ground, screaming all the way...

One hour later...

SoulTaker is still searching the woods frantically. He had heard the President scream. He had been worried, so he had been searching for the last hour. He still can't find MysteryMan.

Suddenly, SoulTaker trips over something. He thinks it's only a tree...but it's cold. SoulTaker leaps up and looks down.

Below him lays the cold, limp, beaten-up body of the President of RipTide, MysteryMan.

SoulTaker just stares at the body for a second. He's lieing face down. SoulTaker lifts up MysteryMan's head, and sees that is is covered in blood. Well, that wasn't unusual, because his whole body was.

SoulTaker looked up. A high cliff loomed up before him. "You must have fallen off," SoulTaker whispers silently.

But SoulTaker knew it was no accident. His body looked betaen up. And MysteryMan could see in the dark.

SoulTaker checked MysteryMan's pulse, but he knew it was no use.

MysteryMan was dead. He had been murdered.


"The Phoenix can be reborn, but it is never the same"

The Attacks - Reed - 2000-03-24 00:00:00
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