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Awsome story man.

Author: DurinBrown16 ()
Date: 2000-02-26 00:00:00

Very Good!


On 2/26/00 at 14:19 MysteryMan wrote:
>**Note-This does not take place in the current story universe...you know, the one where I'm dead...**

>MysteryMan looked around. It was dark, and cold. The wind was howling, and he could have easily tripped and broken something. But he knew this path well, for he had traveled on it many times, but never in such a sad mood.

>He approached an abandoned building, covered with moss. Windows were shattered, and the door that would have once automatically opened, was lying on it's side, almost as if it were dead.

>MysteryMan saw some rats running out of the building. He looked up, and saw a sign covered with moss. He wiped it off, until it read...

>SideWinder.Net "A New Beginning"

>MysteryMan looked sadly at the sign, which once had seemed so cheerful. He remembered the good old days there, with RStefan01, Tridus, Hawkeye, and everyone else...

>MysteryMan heard a scream from within the building. Puzzled to who could still be in there, he stuck his head in, and gasped.

>People were inside, white as ghosts, walking around. Some had sad faces, or faces of pure rage. One of the people spotted him and screamed. All the people rushed over to him. One grabbed him, and MysteryMan felt extremely cold, when MysteryMan felt another pair of arms on his back. They jerked him back, and he fell out of the doorway, back outside.

>MysteryMan looked up and saw SM_007 staring at him, an unreadable expression on his face. "Thanks for saving me...but who are they?"

>"They're people who are still living in the past," SM_007 sadly replied. "Those are people who are still hanging on to SideWinder, and who don't want to advance ahead. I fear they will remain there forever..."

>"Forever," MysteryMan asked.

>"Yes, forever. If they had drawn you in, you would have stayed...forever. It seems like SideWinder is still active to them in there, but it's not. It's only what they wish SideWinder had become."

>MysteryMan looked at the building again. He couldn't believe this was what it would have become. He remembered the first day he set eyes on it...

>"I wish there was a way to teach them they must leave the past behind," SM_007, also staring thoughfuly at SW HQ.," but...they just can't realize that they have to, in order to be happy..."

>SM_007 sighed. "Some people have also kinda...lost it, since SideWinder shut down. But, there's hope for them. At least they aren't in there..."

>Suddenly, a figure stumbled through the darkness...naked.

>"Hey, does someone have a light," Sid said, shakily. "It's pretty darn dark out here..."

>MysteryMan reminded himself to not look down. "Um...sure..." MysteryMan handed him a light.

>Sid took in, grinning happily. He skipped away, singing some little kid song.

>"Um...there's hope for him, right," MysteryMan asked, staring at Sid run off.

>"Um...well, Sid's, you know...different."

>MysteryMan nodded, as it was true, after all, he had heard things around SideWinder about him...

>"MysteryMan, I don't want you back here. There's too many sad memories now, and I don't want you to become one of them..."SM_007 told MysteryMan, motioning to the people inside, who were screaming, "Where's the watcher???"

>MysteryMan nodded, and looked a distance away, to a new building, humming with activity...Project Sigma.


>End of Part I, Part II'll be out...probably after this place is open =)



>"I am a Mystery"


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