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*Giggles nervously* Why ... whatever do you mean?

Author: Un-King WizardSlayer ()
Date: 2000-03-24 00:00:00

*Greyish Lord Akwidox stands at the podeium of a press meeting where reporters from all around gathered to hear the grey one speak*

Greyish Lord Akwidox: A-hem. Now I know many of you belive that I was the one that voted for Return of the Jedi on the ASP Poll. I can asure all of you that it wasn't me. I swear! I voted for Die Jar Jar Die!

SM_007: Mr. Akwidox?

Greyish Lord Akwidox: That little bitch! I hate Jar Jar! He sounds stoned I mean--

SM_007: Sir?

Greyish Lord Akwidox: That guy must've been smoking out of a big bong I mean friggen 'uge!

SM_007: *Tosses a Twinkie at Greyish Lord Akwidox*

Greyish Lord Akwidox: *Bread and Icing runs down the side of Akwidoxs face, his head snaps towards SM_007 who is licking the Twinkie wrapper and getting icing all over his expensive business suit* Yes?

SM_007: How can we belive that you didn't vote for Return of the Jedi?

Greyish Lord Akwidox: *Pounds on podeium, bread and icing from his face flies into the crowd of reporters, he takes his hand and brushes some of the Twinkie off onto his fingers, than he licks his fingers* Mmm ... Twinkie ... *Drool* Ah! Anyways ... look, I clicked but I never submitted. End of story. Anymore questions on any other topic other than a stupid Star Wars poll?

SM_007: Are you really going to horribly maim everybody that doesn't vote for you in the up-coming election?

Greyish Lord Akwidox: Of course not. *Giggles nervously* Heh-Heh ...

SM_007: R-e-e-e-e-ally?

Greyish Lord Akwidox: ... I won't. I can't justify the actions of Calvin though.

SM_007: Oh. Okay ...Well ... you lost my vote *Calvin jumps out from behind the podeium and in less than 5 seconds claws up SM_007's suit so that only a few strands of fabric are left hangin from his shoulders. SM_007 now stands left only in Pokemon boxers.* Heh-Heh ... I dunno maybe I'll change my mind ... Heh-Heh *Runs away screaming*

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