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School start again in 0 hours. Yikes!
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4.3GB here :)

Author: BandWidth ()
Date: 2000-03-24 00:00:00

I'm also thinking of purchasing another drive, 8-12gig. Then I would no longer have to delete filez to install warez.

On 3/24/00 at 11:17 Greyish Lord Akwidox wrote:
>Than again I don't have all that installed. I don't even have Starcraft installed. I would Except I don't have my CD!!!


>Calvin: Hey Akwidox, look what I found. *Brushes the CD over to Akwidox's view with his paw* Ooh shiny.
Greyish Lord Akwidox: That sounds scarily framiliar.
Calvin: Can I eat it? *Gnaw's on the edge of the CD*
Greyish Lord Akwidox: No! No-No-No!
Calvin: Awww ... but it tasted sooo good!

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