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Re:Free speech: Where's the line?

Author: BandWidth ()
Date: 2000-03-24 00:00:00

Free speech is an illusion.

Submit to my will and I will permit you to live. If you fail to swear loyalty to me, you will all be destroyed. Bwahahahaha!

On 3/24/00 at 01:06 kwerkey wrote:
>According to the first amendment, people have the rights to free speech, free beliefs, and freedom of the press. But this gives anyone the right to say or print anything. It's perfectly legal to publish books telling people how to make crystal meth, for example. I've heard a story that happened at the high school I'm going to, there was a group of anti-choice people, and they rallied outside the school holding giant banners showing pictures of fetus' that were removed, etc. It obviously caused a lot of commotion, but there wasn't a damn thing that anyone could do about it, they had the freedom to assemble. Where should the line be drawn?

>Added later:
>I forgot to mention something. What about swearing? Why should that be censored? What's wrong with a word? Take f***. It's like an all-purpose word. And I'm not trying to make a joke of it. It's a word that can express a lot of feeling towards someone or something. Why are they trying to keep people from expressing feelings? I know this probably has an obvious answer, but this is the way I see it.

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