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I see that the problem with my ascention to power and world domination is that everyone else gets access to the really good tech at the same time as me.
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Re:canidate spoof...

Author: CitizenDog ()
Date: 2000-03-23 00:00:00

correction, note the name CITIZENdog

i am a walking talking dog that is a member of society :)

weird can be good :)

On 3/23/00 at 23:07 Adun975 wrote:
>here, lets find out about some of the canidates
akwidox- a i person who sleeps on the floor and doesn't have a bed.
Psycho Sam!- a insane lunitic that is nothing more than a stick figure. there is a reason he calles himself Psycho Sam! he's Pyscho!!!
CitizenDog- a dog!!! why vote for a stupid dog when you can vote for a protoss, i know you saw calvin walk into my room and see my little brother erik. he didn't see me, he saw erik. now vote for a smart protoss, not a dog

>"isn't life wierd???"

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