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Just a quick question: How good are free ISP's?

Author: El cazador ()
Date: 2000-03-23 00:00:00

I just can't shake the feeling that I'm getting tricked into something, when I look at the word "free".

I just visited this site wich is starting to offer free internet and e-mail account. The catch is that I'd get a window with ads on it that "won't interrupt my web surfing". They also ask for things I like and such, so they can make a profile of my tastes and send me offers and such. (I can see it already: Get your brand new drawing table in this one time only offer!! and we'll send you a stylographic pen set for free!!! All this for the lowly cheap price of several thousands dollars plus shipping and handling!)

Truth be told, I'd rather get junk mail and a little window with ads than paying 27 bucks a month, it's just that I don't trust this thing too much. Any advice or words of wisdom from you guys? Is it really worth it?

The free ISP is called Tutopia.com. So far, I think it's the first offering free ISP services in my country, so don't go around suggesting other ISP's I can't or won't know how to get a hold of. :)

El cazador
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