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MysteryBot vs. MechaSam!

Author: The Lord DebtAngel ()
Date: 2000-03-23 00:00:00

"...and in other news, everybody in Riptide has been sent to jail..."

Wowe. News to me. Good thing I don't go to the Presidential pep rallies.

*Wrrr. Bzzzzt. Ding dong.*

"Who is it?"

"MysteryBot. You are to go directly to jail. You will not pass Go. You will not collect $200."

"Ah man. MechaSam! Sic him boy! Sic him!"

MechaSam! gets up, wobbles a bit, and stares MysteryBot straight in the face. MysteryBot fails to react, because he is a robot. Mysteriously, Japanese fight music begins playing from the stereo, and the two Bots face off for battle.

MysteryBot: Wurrr. Buzzzzt.

MechaSam!: Raaaaht! Raaaht! (Godzilla, anyone?)

MysteryBot swipes at MechaSam!, but MechaSam! was swiping too and lost his balance, inadvertently dodging the punch. MysteryBot gets in three quick uppercuts, lifting MechaSam! through the air.

MechaSam!: Raaaaht!

MechaSam! fires a badly animated green shot at MysteryBot, which causes sparks to fly off his metal casing. MysteryBot starts spinning really fast, causing a high pitch squeal. This knocks DebtAngel out cold, but MechaSam! comes back quickly with a jumpkick to the fuselage. MysteryBot is pushed back into a family of deer that it had called when causing the squeal. MysteryBot tries to fight his way past the deer, but it's one heck of a family, and they just want to protect him.

MechaSam!, sensing his job was done, tries to revive DebtAngel by licking his face. Unfortunately, since MechaSam!'s tongue is merely a set of exposed wires, all DebtAngel gets is a shock.

"Ow. Hey. Sammy! Good boy! Come on, lets fix you up now, and bail out the rest of the forumers."

SYNOPSIS: I ain't goin' to jail that easy, punk :).

Is it not nifty? Sluggy Freelance. Worship the comic.

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