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- Ghaleon (Lunar 2: Eternal Blue)
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... damn ferret.

Author: Un-King WizardSlayer ()
Date: 2000-03-23 00:00:00

Calvin: ... damn ferret.

Greyish Lord Akwidox: Where'd you learn language like that you silly bastard?

Calvin: ... probably around the same time I miraculously learned to talk.

Greyish Lord Akwidox: *Mumbles* Smart ass *Mumbles*

Calvin: What was that?

Greyish Lord Akwidox: Oh nothing.

Calvin: Hey A-a-a-a-ron??

Greyish Lord Akwidox: Yes.

Calvin: Would you rub my tummy?

Greyish Lord Akwidox: Later

Calvin: But I got an i-i-i-i-tch.

Greyish Lord Akwidox: I don't care, I'm busy.

Calvin: Fine. *Bites tummy, walks away to the bathroom jumps on the lid and begins to drink out of the toilet* Mmm ... bacterializing ... *Purr*

Greyish Lord Akwidox: Did you ever think that's why you always puke?

Calvin: Thought hasn't crossed my mind ... than again not many do.

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