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Quiet you!

Author: Un-King WizardSlayer ()
Date: 2000-03-23 00:00:00

Calvin: Protoss, pft! Your no Protoss! You wanna know why? Because Protoss aren't real!

Various Forumers: *Gasp!*

Calvin: That's right! *Calvin has a small Sony camera strabbed atop his back, he walks into Aduns room recording this* Adun is no more than a regular boy on a computer!

Various Forumers: *Gasp!*

Calvin: Adun is nothing more than an imposter!

Various Forumers: *Gasp!*

Calvin: ... you know you guys should exhale sometimes soon, otherwise your all gonna pass out.

Various Forumers: *Whew!*

Calvin: You should not vote for Adun he doesn't need the votes. He'd just say he's a president without being a president. Because he impersonates! Bwahaha! Vote for Akwidox!

Akwidox: Calvin ... what are you doing with my camera!

Calvin: *Quickly* Oh!-Remember-don't-vote-for-Adun-he-impersonates-vote-for-Akwidox!

"Vote for me, because I make cool grafix"

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