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Oh ... mis-spelling my name twice huh?

Author: Un-King WizardSlayer ()
Date: 2000-03-23 00:00:00

Just for that ... I'm gonna ... sick my cat on you!

Calvin: "You call?"

Akwidox: "Yes! Spring forth my pointy eared minion of greyish-ness and harm the DebtAngel!"

Calvin: "Does it require me getting up?"

Akwidox: "Sort of."

Calvin: "Than no."

Akwidox: "Do you like having a clean kitty box?"

Calvin: "Yes"

Akwidox: "Than you'll go and attack DebtAngel"

Calvin: "You can't stand the smell forever! Bwahaha!"

Akwidox: "... damn you. Well than, if you attack DebtAngel I'll let you drink out of the toilet for another week."
Calvin: "Mmm ... toilet water" *Purrr*

*Calvin slowly and lazily walks up to DebtAngel, stops, and than looks up at him*

The Lord DebtAngel: "Aww ... he's so c-u-u-u-u-te!"

Calvin: "What?! Nooo! I'm not cute! I inflict fear and impending doom upon all my victims! Fear me dammit! F-e-e-e-e-ar me!"
The Lord DebtAngel: "But your so c-u-u-u-te with your muffled hair, and your black stripes, and your eyes! Your eyes are s-o-o c-u-u-te!"

Calvin: "Oh yeah! Who's cute now?!" *Calvin looks strait ahead, his neck starts to tighten, a nasty gurgling sound comes out, and soon enough a strand of thick, high viscosity dark yellow liquid pours out of Calvins mouth, right onto DebtAngels shoes, just than Calvin goes into DebtAngels bedroom and sits on his bed and begins to roll on his bed, getting itchy dirty fur all over his bed.*

The LordDebt Angel: : "Noooo! Now I will sit restless untill I wash my sheets! Damn you Geryish Lord Akwidox! D-a-a-mn you!"

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