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As Sid is happily playing Diablo II...

Author: Reed ()
Date: 2000-03-23 00:00:00

Sid grins. He had just mastered the Barbarian. "Damn, this game was worth the wait! Sid exclaims. "Wow, that burning fire sounds real! And it smells...real...too..."

Suddenly, MysteryMan leaps through Sid's window. He kicks the surprised Sid on the head. "I'm afraid, Sid, that I am leading excatly 567.2 people! Now, hand over the beta!"

Sid shakes his head, and stands up. He ducks as MysteryMan delivers a kick. Sid kicks MysteryMan and MysteryMan punches back. MysteryMan tackles Sid and wrestles him to the ground as SoulTaker jumps through the window.

"Sir, the crowd of 557.2 people are angry! They want the beta now!" SoulTaker tells MysteryMan.

"557.2-UGH-people? ...I thought we had more...10...UGHHH" MysteryMan gasp as he and Sid fight.

"There was a small riot"

One of the 557.2...err, now 556.2 people gets angry. He throws a torch onto the roof. The fire begins to spread...

Sid pushes MysteryMan to the ground and looks out the window. He sees people holding torchs, guns, and knives. Several are in tanks. There are 5 BCs.

"Sid...ughh...what's that smell?" asks MysteryMan.

The fire is spreading over the whole house. Smoke is everywhere. SoulTaker is now on top of Sid, pounding him.

MysteryMan rolls over to the computer. With fire now everywhere, the Diablo II logo looks even more real. Sid sees him near the computer and screams. "MysteryMan, why are you doing this!"

"Surrender the CD!"


"Then none of us shall have it!" MysteryMan hits a button and a loud voice says,Destruction of Sid6.9's House-60 Seconds

Sid tries to plead once more. "Don't you realize that we will all get Diablo II at one point? I have the buggy version!"

50 Seconds

Everyone is silent. "Um..we will?" asks MysteryMan.

45 Seconds

"Of course! Damn, come on, stop the countdown!" Sid screams.

40 Seconds

"Um...we have all been mislead. I apologize to you, Sid. I shall call the mob off and tell everyone of this news." MysteryMan tells Sid, who is scrambling to stand up in his burning house.

30 Seconds

"YEAH, but call off the timer!" Sid6.9 screams. "And get the CD!" SoulTaker stands to the side, confused.

"I can't, sorry. I suggest we leave."

25 Seconds

MysteryMan grabs Sid and pushes him out of the burning house. MysteryMan runs out the door, and yells, "SoulTaker, get out NOW!"

15 Seconds

Sid yells, "MY BETA!"

SoulTaker stands, confused. Should he get out of the house, and lose the beta, or save the beta...and sacrifice himself?

SoulTaker thinks hard...

10 Seconds

SoulTaker made up his mind. He hits the eject button. The computer whirrs as it prepares to eject the CD.

7 Seconds

SoulTaker panics as the CD case doesn't want to open. However, after an age, or so it seems, the CD case opens and SoulTaker grabs the CD.

3 Seconds

SoulTaker throws the CD like a frisbee.

2 Seconds

The CD flies out the door.

1 Second

MysteryMan catches the CD. Sid quickly grabs it.


SoulTaker screams as the house explodes, with him in it.

10 Minutes later...

MysteryMan is digging through the rubble. Sid is examining his beta CD. Many people, like MysteryMan, are digging through rubble.

MysteryMan feels tears come to his eyes, as he is sure SoulTaker is dead. Suddenly, he feels a body. He removes some bricks and finds the body of SoulTaker. SoulTaker moans.

"Quick, get him to the hospital!" MysteryMan yells, hoping his bodyguard is OK...

MysteryMan realizes that everyone overreacted to the Diablo II Beta, and he swears to himself he will never get caught up into hype..."

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