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My God, I just realized that the worm's creator was obviously a man with an ex-girlfriend. It has a monthly cycle. It spends the 2/3rds of the month putting its nose in where it doesn't belong. It then spends the remaining 1/3 of the month on a complete lashing-out, bitchfest. Gads. Couldn't he have just gotten drunk instead?
- Anonymous (talking about Code Red)
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Author: Tridus ()
Date: 2000-03-22 00:00:00

On 3/22/00 at 20:07 The Lord DebtAngel wrote:
>"This place sucks. I'm gonna find myself some alfalfa hay." / Well that was close, I was almost afraid that flipping comb was a switchblade or something. I didn't even know that my pet ferret was one of the digidestined, and turns into a ferocious minilop rabbit whenever that really bad music starts playing. Even worse, now that the story is in Digimode, I can only talk and think really fast and in a rambling tone. This has to end. / As I walked outside I saw the alpha group of the forum after beating down the bees. They seemed to be taking a break for the end credits or something. / "Hey, have any of you seen a ferocious mini-lop rabbit?" / "No, but if he's the reason we're all talking in a quick and rambling tone I'm gonna kick his ass." / "You couldn't kick a rabbit's ass." / " Where's my HAY? OOOH! Baywatch." ** Poof **

>"Phew. Thank God. I was afraid we'd be in Digimode all story, and maybe into the next one."
"Digimode? What in the HELL are you talking about?"
"Never mind. You obviously don't watch cartoons in the morning. I'll just take my ferret and go."
"I choose SHOE!"
Oh man, if this keeps up, this story's gonna get ugly...

>Is it not nifty? Sluggy Freelance. Worship the comic.

"If there were no words, no way to speak... I would still hear you..." - Martina McBride

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