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Hmm, you're supposed to be 'less boring'? You think you're 'hip', 'cool' or 'l33t'?... No! =)

Author: RStefan01 ()
Date: 2000-03-21 00:00:00

On 3/21/00 at 20:55 MM wrote:
>MysteryMan listens to his advisors. One of them tells how people in Riptide view him as being too boring.

>"What? Boring? ME! HAH!" MysteryMan exclaims.

>"It's true, sir. Everyone wants a "cool"er President."

>MysteryMan looks down, sadly. "I want to be popular...what can I do?"


>After 6 hours of hard work, the President leaves the building. He has new clothes...a new hairstyle, even his red glowing eyes are gone! SoulTaker looks astonished as the President approachs him.

>"Um, President MysteryMan Sir, are...you ok?" SoulTaker asks.

>The President grins. "It's cool, man! And the name ain't MysteryMan anymore, it's MM."


>"You got it! MysteryMan was boring! MM is cool!" MM looks at SoulTaker. "Come on, let's make some changes!"

>SoulTaker just stares.


>4 men are sitting in a darkened room. One of the men has the Riptide logo on his jacket.

>"I'm glad you decided to help us," one of the men tells the man with the Riptide on his jacket.

>"Yeah, I've been wanting to defeat that idoit for some time now. I can't believe my genuis! Hahahaa, the new "MM" shall not fight us! I'm glad I made his advisors do this!" the Riptide man says. Everyone laughs.


>MM is sitting in his office. He is listening to some rock'n'roll in a walkman. He twirls around in his chair. "Man, this office is da bomb!"

>SoulTaker is standing nearby, looking defeated. He suddenly turns to a beeping computer and gasps. He turns to MM.


>"That's MM"

>"Yes, MM, um, one of the buildings in the south sector has burst into flames. A figure is now throwing gasoline on the building."

>"Well, get the police down there! What am I going to do about it?" MM asks, still spinning in his chair.

>"Sir, why don't we handle it?"

>"Damn, MM doesn't do that! MM is the leader, not the fighter! So get on, I'm waiting for the new twend to come in."

>SoulTaker sighes.


>"The Phoenix can be reborn, but it is never the same"


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