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(POST BOX STOREE) That is the sound of inevitability

Author: SM_007 ()
Date: 2000-03-21 00:00:00

[Location: Inside President MysteryMan's government, all-purpose office building.]

*The Mystery Man (not to be confused with MysteryMan, the President - geez, they should have at least gotten more original names, looking back at it now and all) stumbled into his quarters, slammed the door shut behind him, and slammed down on the couch, moaning and holding his nose, which was trickling with blood after Tridus had smashed it pretty good.*

*On the other side of the room, the other Mystery Man, also known as Mystery Man #2, had his left arm (at least, I THINK it was his left arm, hehe) completely bandaged up, and there were blood stains already coming through the bandage. The arm itself looked to be in bad shape, as his upper arm seemed skinnier than normal. He had the arm resting on the table as he played solitaire and drank.*

Mystery Man #1: Oh, my f'n nose, man. We don't get paid enough for this stuff.

Mystery Man #2: Oh, ya think? Geez, I am gonna quit tomorrow unless my insurance money kicks in.

Mystery Man #1: Yeah, we oughta just quit. This ain't a healthy business, and no one ever tells us what's goin' on anyway. Yeah, I'm gonna quit tomorrow, yeah. They won't be able to get me back working here, no siree. Yeah, that's what I am gonna do. I am gonna walk right up to the President and say--

Mystery Man #2: Okay, I don't need your life story, bub. Sheesh. Have you even seen my arm?

Mystery Man #1: No, what happened? Oh, man, that looks bad...

Mystery Man #2: No sheet, Shirlock! I was shot through it. I can't even remember who did it, those few minutes are a blur. I just remember that someone blew a hole through it, and I can't even feel it now.

Mystery Man #1: Hm, was probably Tridus and his parlor tricks.

Mystery Man #2: Yeah, ain't it always?

*Their conversation is interrupted by a green light glowing between the table and the couch. The green light is hovering in mid-air, and gets brighter and brighter until the neon green light has filled the shape of a humanoid body. Then it goes completely bright white, forcing the two Mystery Men to look away. The light disappears after a second which seemed to be longer than it was, leaving a man in a black suit, a black tie, with black sunglasses and slicked black hair. He looked at the Mystery Man sitting down at the table, cracked his neck, and then pulled out his gun, aiming it straight at the forehead of the Mystery Man sitting there.*

Mystery Man #2: Oh, sheet, man, do something! Hel--


*The Mystery Man falls to the floor after being pumped full of bullets. The other Mystery Man's jaw is wide open, as he stairs in shock at what just happened.*

Mystery Man #1: Oh, sheet, oh sheet, oh sheet...

*The Mystery Man leaps to his feet and runs out the door into the hallway. He looks back and forth, then sees an elevator. Because it is night, there isn't anyone else in the building at the time. He runs towards the elevator as fast as he can, almost sprinting. He is only about ten feet away when the agent walks out into the hallway, and hold up his gun. The Mystery Man hears the click, and then stops short of the elevator, opting instead to leap completely sideways, and into the door of another room in the hallway. He breaks the door open with his arm, and goes inside.*

*The Mystery Man, inside the room, looks for somewhere to hide, as he can hear the calm, creaking footsteps of the agent who is chasing him. More like stalking him, actually. The Mystery Man sees a solid desk, and leaps behind that on the floor. One second later, the agent walks into the room, and calmly looks right to left, and then beams directly at the table. He smirks, and then starts walking towards it. Once there, he calmly puts his gun away in its holster, reaches down behind the desk, and pulls the huge man up like a child, and throws him, using the momentum, into the wall, where he makes a large hole. The Mystery Man falls out of the wall, groaning and breathing heavily.*

*The Mystery Man struggles to his feet, and then looks eye-to-sunglasses with the agent, who has a small smirk coming across his face.*

Mystery Man: Who...who are you? What are you doing here?

Agent: My job.

*The Mystery Man thinks for a minute, then frowns angrily.*

Mystery Man: Well, you aren't going to kill me like the other Mystery Man!

*And with that, the Mystery Man throws a right, hard punch at the agent, who quickly blocks it, and strikes back with three unnaturally-quick left jabs into the man's gut, two left knees, and then holds the man's arm as he spins around and delivers an extremely quick roundhouse kick to the man's head, forcing the huge man to flip completely upside down and crash through the huge desk. The Mystery Man coughs, groggily, and looks up to see the agent above him, with his pistol only a foot from the man's face.*

Agent: No, you are already dead.


*The agent calmly puts his gun away, once again, and turns around. As he does so, green light seems to pour out of the man's torso, and within one second, quickly grows until his entire body is glowing green, and then a bright white. Then, just as quickly, the light disappears, leaving no one there.*

The End

Changes by this storee:
The Mystery Men are finally and truly dead. One agent has appeared, but left after wreaking havoc.

We may be through with the past, but the past is not through with us.

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