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(Story)Evil things are afoot(Story)

Author: Sid6.9 ()
Date: 2000-03-20 00:00:00

It is quite across the town of, well, wherever we are. A tiny little white cottage by the edge of town on Lake Wattatiki is innocent looking enough. The trees standing outside sway gentle to the breeze as the sun sets off in the distance (Well where else would the sun set?) The Cottage with it's shudders securely fastened in almost anticipation for a storm. But what going on inside this cottage is not innocent...

Scene- Basement or celler if you will of the Cottage...

Hunchbacked man- My master, I have the supplies you asked for.

Man in White Lab Coat- Excellent, let me see what you have?

The Hunchbacked Man brings over the supplies and drops them down in front of him...

Man in White Lab Coat(Starts rummaging through the box)- Okay it seems to all be here.

Hunchbacked Man- Master are you sure this will work?

Man in White Lab Coat (Laughs softly to himself)- Heh, heh, oh yes, my creation is about to be completed Rogi.

Rogi- Master, but what will this thing do (As he looks under the white sheet over a table)

Man in White Lab Coat suddenly slaps down the covers...

Man in White Lab Coat- Damn it Rogi, I told you to stop looking under there.

Rogi- But master, he is sooo big!

Man in White Lab Coat- Indeed he is big, for he will do my bidding.

Rogi- Master do you mean that finally you will get your revenge?

Man in White Lab Coat- Oh yes, when my creation is finished he will destroy the one man that has stood in my way for so long. He thwarted my every effort to take over the world, he has always stopped my evil schemes, well, he hasn't meet him yet, or the power that he will hold.

Rogi- You mean the virus master?

Man in White Lab Coat- Damn it Rogi, I didn't want them to...Ahh hell, yes the virus that will wipe out every computer system in the world.

Rogi- But Master why do you want to do that.

Man in White Lab Coat- Because Rogi, the second man I need to eliminate, requires the use of computers, and without the use of them, he will fall to me.

Rogi- Master, but I spied that they have allies, they may be able to stop us, master.

Man in White Lab Coat- I don't give a damn about them! My creation will stop them all, and the other two, well they will pay, oh pay so dearly for what they did to me.

Rogi- The scars master?

Man in White Lab Coat- Yes, the scars, the will always remain for what they did to me. I will always remember when they took away one-eye winky from me...

Rogi- No Master, the scars on the creation, shouldn't we cover them up, he is freakish looking.

Man in White Lab Coat- Oh yes, the scars I will cover up, in time. But first, we need to give him life, so precious life. Is the Thunder Storm rolling in?

Rogi- No Master, we haven't seen a storm in 6-weeks, and probably won't see one for 6 weeks more.

Man in White Lab Coat- Very well, then fetch me the Diehard battery, we will jump start this sucker.

Rogi makes his way up the stairs as Man in White Lab Coat stands before the white sheet covering the table...

Man in White Lab Coat- Very soon, very soon, you will meet with SM_007 and Tridus, and you shall conquer them. For Operation Sid6.9 is nearly complete...

To be continued sometime soon, well depending if it goes with the storyline and all...

Sid6.9- "If weird was a person, he'd be me!" :-)

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