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Role Reversal (Story)(Updated)

Author: rRaminrodt ()
Date: 2000-03-20 00:00:00

== Note this is postbox, please excuse any mistakes.

=Scene: Outside rRaminrodts mobile office =

Rolando: Goodbye, fiend! *hand poised over the strange devices trigger*

The trailer door opens suddenly smacking Rolando to the ground.

rRaminrodt: Goodbye, Mr. Anderson. I look forward to working with you.

Anderson: Uhm. I think I just whacked this poor guy! *turns to help Rolando up*

rRaminrodt: Oh jeeze. Let me help. *gives Rolando his arm*

Rolando lets out a battle cry and points the device up and pulls the trigger. A huge deafening low-pitched noise coupled with a near explosion knocks them to the ground. rRaminrodt turns to see half his trailer twisted, warped and conffeti-ized.

rRaminrodt: What the!

Rolando: *in a near insane rage and getting up from the ground* Now, you've seen what I can do. You took my chance of running things, so now I'm going to get my vengeance on you AND Riptide.

Aims at rRaminrodt, who dodges just in time to stand next an exploding clod of dirt and grass. He grabs his hirer and drags him to his truck. He starts the engine and races away in a cloud of dust as Rolando clears dirt out of his eyes. With watery blurred eyesight Rolando takes a few potshots at the speeding truck in vain, ripping up the road instead.

=Scene: A Burger King; MysteryMan, SM_007, Pyscho_!Mas and Pyscho_Sam! are sitting in a booth off to the corner =

MysteryMan: Now what. We survived this fight, but what about the next one. *looks thoughtful* If there's one thing that starcraft taught me is that its time to go on the offensive.

Girl at Counter: Number 142!

Psycho_!Mas gets up and walks to the counter to retrieve their meal. The girl hands him the tray unsteadily while staring at him with bugged out eyes.

Psycho_!Mas: Thank you.

Girl: Uhh. You too, uh, sir. Have a nice, uh, meal. *still staring*

Mas walks back to the table in plunks the tray down.

Pyscho_!Mas: Dinner is served! Oh, the drinks are all self-service.

Psycho_Sam slide his empty cup in front of Mas. Mas sighes gets up grabs everyone's cups and goes over to the drink machine.

SM_007: *while munching on chicken nuggets* Personally, I think we should try to help that Tridus fellow and his computer. He seemed like a good ally.

MysteryMan: True. But with Sashie in that state I don't know if we can count on him being stable. He'd be worrying about his laptop all the time.

Psyco_Sam!: Hows about we overload the reactor west of town. That'll take care of everyone!

MysteryMan: .... *scowls*

!Mas: *sitting down* Don't be foolish Sam!. *hands out drinks* And take the fries out of your nose.

MysteryMan: Hmmm. There is some merit to his idea though.

All: huh?

MysteryMan: I don't mean to overload the plant. But if we can gather up enough radioactive gas and pump it into the keep. We'll either flush him out into the open, or irradiate him.

Psycho_!Mas: And we'll be waiting outside with detectors. Smashing idea!

MysteryMan: Good, it's decided then. I'll call up SoulTaker and have him hire a vacuum truck.

SM_007: Who?

MysteryMan: My bodyguard SoulTaker.

SM_007: I thought the MysteryMen were your bodyguards. You're confusing me.

MysteryMan: Ummm. *Shakes a finger at the Writer* I thought you liked continuity?

~The clouds part~

MysteryMan: Oh, whatever.

~The clouds close~

Psycho_Sam!: Hehehe. It's time for fun with control rods kiddies!

=Scene: In front of the building. =

The tires of rRaminrodt's truck screech as he pulls to a sudden stop.

Anderson: And these people can help?

rRaminrodt: Hopefully. They're all pretty good guys. Wait here and I'll try to talk to them.

rRamin enters the building and doesn't see anyone.

rRaminrodt: Anyone here.

Mystery Man #2: *groan* Who the heck are you?

rRaminrodt: rRaminrodt, you may have heard of me.

Mystery Man #2: I might have... Have you seen the Dark Lord?

rRaminrodt: Tridus? I don't think he's evil anymore, but I haven't been following current events. *pauses to look out the window; his passenger is still in the car* Hey, can I see the President?

Mystery Man: Uh no. He's not here. We were attacked...

rRaminrodt: Dang. Fine then, I'm leaving... If you see him or the other Riptiders tell them some dude is chasing me with a gun that turns stuff inside out.

rRaminrodt runs out the door leaving the Mystery Man slightly bewildered. He climbs in his truck and drives away. The Mystery Man stands there staring out the window when he sees a black sedan pull up. A man with a large "R" emblazoned on his jacket and carrying an odd looking device gets out and walks in the building.

Rolando: Is this the current Riptide building?

Mystery Man: Uhh sure. What do you want.

Rolando: Nothing much. Just revenge! *he fires at the Mystery Man*

Mystery Man: Aggggh! *his entire left arm and part of his shoulder splatter into bloody chunks that spray about the room*

Rolando: Where's everyone else?

The Mystery Man can only moan and clutch at his side.

Rolando: Fine. I'll find them myself. *he charges up the nearest staircase*

A new car pulls up in front of the building... It has the presidential logo printed on the side and official Riptide plates.

Psycho_Sam and Psycho_!Mas jump out.

MysteryMan (from inside the car): Fine you have five minutes to get Tridus if he's still in there. We don't want to be hanging around any longer than we have to...

Psycho_Sam!: No prob bob! This is a fun job... Psycho_Bot! Come and help us search.

A small robot walks up to Sam and greets him.

They enter the building. And then spy the injured Mystery Man.

!Mas: Bot, help him. Administer medical treatment, method 14.

Bot: I'm a bot. I don't care. *it walks over to the Mystery Man and begins to treat him*

!Mas: Couldn't you program it with a better response?

Sam!: *giggles*

!Mas: Fine. You check this floor I'll go upstairs.

Mas walks upstairs as sees and open door. He steps closer and hears two voices. One is definitely Tridus.

Tridus: I don't care who you think you are. Step away from the Laptop.

Rolando: That's a pile of components, garbage. Soon that's what you'll be too Riptide freak!

Mas: I second Tridus' Idea. Step back!

Rolando: *sneers* I hate it when people try and sneak up on me. *he fires the weapon*

Only to seem like nothing happens.

Sam!: Whoah. That was cool. Howd I get here?

Rolando: Dammit! What the heck.? *he begins punching a few of the smaller buttons on his weapon*

Just then Psycho_!Mas comes running up the stairs.

Mas: Freeze. It looks like your gun doesn't work on stick figures. I guess all it can do is reverse Sams' and mine postiion.

Sam: Oohhh Cool. Can I have it, I could really use that next time he gets a date.

Rolando: *spitting with rage* Diiiiiiieeeeeeeeee!

He aims the weapon at Tridus whos standing behind the table with the components of Sashie spread all over it.

Sam jumps at Tridus knocking him out of the guns sights. But Rolando pulls the trigger anyway. The table detonates into a hundred wooden splinters.

Tridus: Nooooooooooooooo!

He leaps at Rolando knocking him to the ground. Doing this he doesn't see a perfectly assembled, near bran new laptop sitting on the ground.

Shasie: Daddies fighting a bad man. I will help!

Suddenly a net appears in midair entangling Rolando. Rolando freaks out and tries pulling the net off to no avail. Tridus who had been kicked away from him just a second before the net appeared approached.

Tridus: Now you're in trouble.

Rolando: *gritting his teeth* You have no Idea how far this is from over... Computer: Strategic Retreat!

A high pitched wine fills the room forcing everyone to cover their ears. Rolando fades into a blue white vortex and disappears.

Tridus: *turns to look at his laptop with joy in his eyes* Sasihe!

Shashie: Daddy's happy now. Yay!

Psycho_Sam!: I need a tissue....

Psycho_!Mas: Well, everyone should be pleased by this turn of events. I just hope nothing else goes wrong. (to Writer) Hey, cut it out with the fake Html.


Changes by the story.
Shasie is fixed, and the Riptide crew has a plan. A Mystery Man got his arm blown off. Rolando's reversal weapon is ineffective against the Psycho Twins. rRaminrodt is on the run from Rolando looking for some allies.

Also Note: Story is now complete. Add ons are welcome now :) I hope no-one minds me fixing sashie so fast Tridus just didn't seem complete :)

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