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It's me, It's me, It's that S-I-D 6.9 oh yeah baby, can you feel me coming at ya!

Author: Sid6.9 ()
Date: 2000-03-20 00:00:00

Damn straight, Sid6.9 here saying I'm feeling damn funky like a monkey today. I've got the demons running through me baby yeah. Like the guy in the Insurance add "I've got the goosebumps!"

There's big dogs, big dogs, LANDING on my face!

Yes, yes I'm still here and man am I feeling the groove coming on baby, yeah!

Hey, did you know I saw a dog with a fluffy tail when I got home from work! Tee hee hee look at his fluffy tail!

Hey my cat, when I walked through the door, looked at me and went "Meow". Now ain't that some shit!

Oh yes, the demons are running through me, and oh yeah, the Preview Show, it's almost done! And guess what, the Death Match for this Friday! It's already done! Now ain't that some shit, I finished the Death Match before I did the Preview Show! Hee hee hee I had the demons running through me last night at work and baby did they come out in force in my writing...

Stay tuned, I'll have more later today, hee hee hee Sid6.9 is getting weirder by the minute!


Sid6.9- "If weird was a person, he'd be me!" :-)

It's me, It's me, It's that S-I-D 6.9 oh yeah baby, can you feel me coming at ya! - Sid6.9 - 2000-03-20 00:00:00