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Re:We find Orazath triumphantly gloating to our trapped Heroes...

Author: styx ()
Date: 2000-03-20 00:00:00

On 3/20/00 at 11:55 Tridus wrote:
>(note: go here to catch up)

>Orazath - So... any last words before I dispatch you? Maybe you wish to beg for mer... *a bright flash in front of Orazath signifies the Dark Templar's shields deflecting a bullet from SM_007's silenced PP7 pistol. Orazath smiles menacingly at the effect, SM_007 looks confused because Orazath didn't die, MysteryMan and Psycho_Sam! look frustrated, Psycho_!Mas is still in pieces, and Tridus only looks like he's half paying attention to whats going on around him as he frantically types commands into Sashie, who is making a rather unpleasant sounding buzzing noise.*

>Orazath - mercy... good... I was hoping you wouldn't, its so pathetic.

>MysteryMan - *screams* MysteryMen get in here!

>*Dead Silence*

>Orazath - I'm afraid they arent in much condition to help you right now. *evil grin*

>Psycho_Sam! - Damn you! When I get out of here I'm going to tear you a new ahole!

>Psycho_!Mas - now now... maybe this can be settled without violence...

>Psycho_Sam and Orazath - *to Psycho_Mas* Shut up you!

>*they look at each other and Orazath laughs* You could still be useful to me... how would you like to not be cut to pieces like this other one down here? *Orazath kicks one of Psycho_Mas's arms about half a metre away*

>Psycho_Sam! - I'm not very worried, Im just going to break out of here and kill you anyway!

>*Orazath shakes his head* fine.... fine... who should I start with? I think I'll get rid of that piece of junk the long haired loser is so preoccupied with.... *chuckle* yes...

>Tridus - *looks up finally, his face twisted by an expression of pure unfocused rage* No Orazath... *growls* your coming to hell with us!

>*Tridus presses the "Enter" button on Sashie. The severely damaged laptop makes a rather loud noise, and then everyone in the immediate vicinity can feel a brief shock-like sensation come over them. After a few seconds it dissipates, leaving everyone looking extremely confused except for Tridus and Orazath, who look enraged and confident respectuflly.*

>Orazath - gee... Sudirt did a better job then I thought if thats the best you can do, what are you trying to do, tickle me to death? *chuckle*

>Tridus - nope... just this...

>*Tridus quickly jumps up and grabs SM_007's pistol from him before SM can react. Tridus then points the gun in Orazaths general direction and starts firing wildly. One shot actually is on target and rips through the thigh of a very surprised Orazath. The Dark Templar screams in shocked pain and starts falling, but is able to assert the psionic control needed to cloak himself as he falls.*

>Cloaked Orazath - damn you! Damn you all! I'll be back to finish you all off.... *Orazath can be heard grinding his teeth in pain as he limps away while cloaked*

>*SM_007 grabs his gun back from Tridus* Never, ever do that again!

>*But Tridus isn't paying attention to SM at all, he is kneeling down again with Sashie, who makes a very bad sounding sparking noise, and then seems to just shut down completely.*

>Tridus - *presses a few buttons* Sashie? Sashie! *presses a few more buttons* damnit! we need to get out of here now so I can repair her before its too late!

>Psycho_Sam! - hmm...... *being a stick figure, Psycho_Sam grabs Psycho_Mas' pencil and erases some of himself to make himself thinner, and then walks between the bars of the cell* Now how do you open this thing?

>MysteryMan - *points to a panel* Push the green button.

>*Psycho_Sam redraws himself to full size, then walks over and pushes the button. The cell door slides open. Tridus quickly gathers up all the parts of his laptop and then disappears down the hallway at a dead run. MysteryMan and SM_007 (after checking his gun after the shooting spree) go to help Psycho_!Mas, while Psycho_Sam! starts looking at all the other buttons to see what they do.*

>** As Tridus is running down the hall looking for a suitable room to attempt to repair Sashie, he gets stopped by one of the MysteryMen, who is somewhat wobbily on his feet.**

>MM - You! How did you get out!?

>Tridus - damnit... I don't have time for this nonsense... *spins around and delivers a roundhouse kick to the head of the MM, who crumples down to the ground again*

>*Tridus runs down the hall a few more moments, then stops, turn sinto a room, locks the door behind him, and sits down at a large desk. He sets all the parts out, takes out the screwdriver he always carries around, and begins the rather ugly process of trying to repair Sashie, assuming of course she wasn't perminantely knocked out...*

>Changes in this Story
Orazath is presumbably back in his lair getting his leg attended to. Our heroes have escaped and are all together, except for Tridus who is somewhere in the building trying to fix Sashie. Sashie is now offline, perhaps permanently. Psycho_!Mas is being reassembled by the rest of our heroes. Mysteryman #1 is waking up after Orazaths stealth attack, and Mysteryman #2 is lying unconscious in the hallway after Tridus flattened him.*

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