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A Five-quel! This is getting old....

Author: SoulTaker ()
Date: 2000-03-20 00:00:00

SM_007 immediately felt kwerkeys warm hand on his buttocks. He let out a short scream and jumped away from kwerkey. He then saw SoulTaker and MysteryMan laughing evilly at him.

SM_007 began screaming "What kind of president are you?!? You damn pervert, you're taking pictures of me with kwerkey's hand on my butt?"

SoulTaker suddenly stopped laughing.

"How dare you insult the president?", he said in a dark voice. He slowly began walking forward against SM_007.

"Soultaehker, dhis is noth youer job! Ie am the presiedent's bodygueard!", kwerkey said, still half unconscious.

"I am the president's personal bodyguard!", SoulTaker said confidently.

"Buet you doen't caer abouth him. I sheould bee the presiedent's persioenal bodyguaerd! MysteeryMaen, I swear thaet I wiel always proteacth you - just say thaet I wiel be your only persoenal boedyguard!", kwerkey continued.

"But I have a MysteryMan fanpage! And I will protect the president at all costs!", SoulTaker yelled.

Suddenly, SM_007 jumped at SoulTaker and punched him hard in the face, knocking him out.

"Heh heh hee... Revenge shall be mine!", SM_007 grinned.

"Stay away from me!", MysteryMan pleaded as he back away from SM_007. "SoulTaker! Help me!", he said, panicked.

Kwerkey looked at SM_007. "SM_007, sthop youer evahl deeds! Or iet will be woerst foer yoursielf!", he threatened.

SM_007 took out a gun from his pocket, and pointed at kwerkey. "Get out of here... Now!", SM_007 ordered.

"I wiel die for thee president!", kwerkey said.

SM_007 pressed the trigger...

...But nothing happened.

He frantically took out the magazine while mumbling profanities. "Hey! Who replaced my special armor-piercing bullets with pink plasic barbie bullets?", SM_007 yelled.

"Heh heh", kwerkey grinned quietly.

As SM_007 turned back against MysteryMan, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his head.

SM_007 collapsed, and Bezlebub the magical living table began laughing maniacally...

"My girlfriend and I were happy for 16 years. Then we met."

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