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the beggining of adun975

Author: Adun975 ()
Date: 2000-03-20 00:00:00

It all started one gloomy night as the observers were scanning the planet earth.
Observer1-this looks like a nice peaceful planet, lets go back to adun and tell him what we found.
Observers 2,3,4 and 5- yes sir!
When the observers reached the citadel of adun and went to talk with adun, he was very glad to hear the news.
Adun- finally, a planet peaceful enough to house my dear son Adun975. I feel terrible with the fact that I have to leave him here at this young age, but alas, I cannot show him the ways of fighting that we follow.
Observer1- do you want us to keep scanning the planet?
Adun-yes, but I want you to find a house suitable for him.
Observers- yes sir!!!
As the observers are scanning the planet,
#1- I’ve found a nice house for him. I did a background check and the person fits the description of what master said to find. The owner’s name is…Adam W. Brownfield!
#2,3,4 and 5-him?!?!?!?
#1-yes, him!!!!!
#2,3,4 and 5- but boss said not to go anywhere near him.
#1- he is the only one who fits the description. We must go to master and tell him what we found.
And so as the observers go back to tell Adun of their find, Adam is on his computer posting of how he came to be.
Adam-heh heh heh, the guys are gonna love this. I think it’s funny as hell. This will put me in the stories.
Observer1- master I hate to tell you this but Adam is the only one who fits your description.
Adun- I know that already, you think that I would give such strict requirements for nothing? I want Adun975 to be with the one who killed his mother. He might learn something. The very beginning of his history and his mom’s end might do him good with his life. That is all now I want you to prepare him for his last night on this ship. That is all.

"isn't life wierd???"

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