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Adun, here are a few hints when writing stories of this type

Author: rRaminrodt ()
Date: 2000-03-19 00:00:00

There are a few usually unspoken rules when wrighting a story. They are basically a form of literary politeness.

The most important is not to go around destroying (by death or character assasination) other forumers characters. Now as you can tell the rule is bent sometimes, but usally it is easily fixed at the end of a story by using the "reset button" ie. time travel, dream sequence, or another loophole that allows the character to be easily repaired. Take SM's latest post, Sashie is ripped apart, but since shes a laptop she can be repaired, he goes even further by allowing her to talk signifying that the character is not even dead. (note: this applies to non-writer characters too but to a much lesser degree)

Heroics: while everyone kind of makes their own character the hero (this is a form of roleplaying afterall) its not a good idea to make yourself super-hero extrodinare. Ill take MysteryMan for an example, he makes his character fight the villans and is president, but he doesnt solve the mystery or defeat the villans instantly. In other words he places limits on his characters.

Introductions: Since this is the first story you've writen with this character its customary to ease him into the storyverse. Write descriptions of his personality and abilites (if he has any, they're only optional afterall) while integrating him inot the action. This helps other writers use your chacarter with ease. Example: Saying something like my character is like spiderman only he is a hypochondiac is a good way to give us an idea of the character since the character is already well known.

Errr. Thats all I can think of right now. I'll edit this sucker again if I think of anything else. I hope this helped you.

Ps. Don't accidently hit enter when meaning to hit backspace. Look bothways before using the keyboard.

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