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the death of Orazath...

Author: Adun975 ()
Date: 2000-03-19 00:00:00

at the exact moment that Orazath stoped laughing he slumped to the ground and was being tied up by magical ropes. the four heroes are dumbfounded. but then, like a streak of lightning, Adun975 flys in on his broom, the firebolt. he raises his wand and blows up the lock on the door and the four heroes come out. tridus- who are y... Adun975- it's me, Adun975. i've been hiding my powers until now, but I sensed something wrong so I flew as fast as I could.I saw you all in trouble so decided it was a good time to show my true self now. all 4 of them- wow! thank you. MysteryMan- i will get you the higest award for saving me and my colegues. i'll make you famous. Adun975- thank you sir. Now let's get down to business. first to do anything we have to fix sashie**tridus starts crying** don't worry, i am a wizard remember? i can fix anything.**tridus stops suddenly and hugs Adun975.** Tridus- i don't know how to repay you.**Adun points his wand at the broken parts of sashie and mutters something, the parts join together and sashie asks, sashie- daddy is that you, or the evil man who took me apart? tridus-it's me sashie don't worry everythings fine. ____________________________________________________________ and so the galliant Adun975 saves the day with his magical powers. but there still might be evil out there somewhere... "isn't life wierd???"

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