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(POST BOX STOREE) So, our heroes return to face Sudirt, and...

Author: SM_007 ()
Date: 2000-03-19 00:00:00

*MysteryMan, a clueless SM_007, an enraged Tridus, and the Psycho twins arrive back at the Presidential, law and court building, where MysteryMan greets two MysteryMen, the equivalent of a police officer in our wonderful storyverse.*

MysteryMen Guy #1: Hello, Mr. President! We have Tridus perfectly secured in a cell with Sashie!

MysteryMen Guy #2: Yeah, boss! He ain't going nowhere! In fact, we - WHAT THE HELL?!

*The MysteryMen see Tridus standing beside MysteryMan, and jsut blink in confusion.*

Tridus: Dammit, you numbskulls! I am the real Tridus! The good one! We have to get my laptop back!

MysteryMan: Quiet, you! I give the orders around here. *MysteryMan turns to the MysteryMen.* Dammit, you numbskulls! He's the real Tridus! The good one! We have to get his laptop back!

*The MysteryMen look at each other, dumbfounded.*

Psycho Sam!: Urgh, these guys are too stupid! Let's just go in and stop wasting time!

Psycho !Mas: Now, now, Sam!, it's not nice to be impolite. Sure, these two gentlemen might need to learn a thing or two in the wide field of policing, but it's not our place to judge their--

Psycho Sam!: Ah, shove it.

*They all push their way past the MysteryMen, and enter the building, running down the hallways until they reach Sudirt's cell. Sudirt has already ripped Sashie apart and has used her circuts to create some small device, which he is holding in the palm of his hand and aiming at the four men who just ran up.*

Sudirt: Um, you'll never get away with this, MysteryMan! I am a good person!

MysteryMan: Give it up, Sudirt, we know it's you!

Sudirt: *Looks at his own name.* Damn, did that give it away?

Tridus: No, the fact that I am here does, though.

Sudirt: Oh, really? Well, stay back! I have made a small weapon from the parts I removed from this stupid and annoying laptop!

*Tridus looks down, and sees Sashie on the ground. She is in several pieces, and her parts are spread out everwhere. A tears runs down his face, as it also turns red from the rage which is boiling up inside of him.*

Shashie: Dad...dy? *Zzzzzt.* I...can't...see... *Zzzzzt.* Is...that...ya...you? *Zzzzzt.*


*Tridus rips the jailcell door open, and charges in the cell, tears streaming down his face. He is about to spear Sudirt to the ground, when Sudirt activates the small palm-held devide, and electricutes Tridus, who glows a bright white fo a few seconds, then falls to the ground, unconscious, and smoke moves upwards from his defeated body.*

MysteryMan: Drop the weapon!

*Sudirt holds his foot over the processor chip of Shashie, which is making low-pitched buzzing noises.*

Sudirt: Never! One step closer and this laptop gets it!

*Suddenly, Sudirt's eyes grow wide, and he falls backwards to the ground, clutching his stomech. Everyone seems confused until SM_007 steps forward, holding a silenced PP7 pistol, smoking from the barrel. Everyone just looks at him.*

SM_007: What? Did I do bad AGAIN?

MysteryMan: No! You did great!

*They all run into the room to start to scramble up the pieces of Sashie, and to help in reviving Tridus, who is slowly starting to come to with a groan. Just as they run in, the door slams shut before Psycho !Mas could make his way into the cell to help. They are locked in, and he is locked out. The door seemed to close on its own.*

MysteryMan: NOW what the heck is going on?

*Just as MysteryMan said that, Psycho !Mas' left arm rips off and tumbles to the ground.*

Psycho !Mas: Ouch.

*Being a stick figure, Psycho !Mas takes out a pencil and starts calmly drawing on another left arm, when his right arm also slides off and falls to the ground.*

Psycho !Mas: Well, ain't that the darndest.

*Psycho !Mas starts trying to pick up his arm with his teeth when his torso falls off, and lands on the ground. His legs also tumble in the opposite direction.*

Psycho !Mas: This is highly inconvenient. Now I can't move. Hopefully a good samaritan shall come to my aid soon enough.

*Over Psycho !Mas' severed body, a familier Dark Templar decloaks.*

Orazath: You may have killed my henchmen, MS-700 and WellKnownGuy, at my lair. You may have just killed my last henchman, Sudirt, right now. But I have finally trapped you! I have finally caught you! You shall all pay at the hands of Orazath, the Dark Templar! Mua hahaha! MUA HAHAHAHAHA! MWAH HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW!!!

To Be...Continued?

Changes by this storee:
Psycho !Mas is in several pieces on the ground, and is too passive to do anything about it, it seems. SM_007 actually did something right, even though he is not even close to regaining his memory. Sudirt has dismantled poor Sashie, who is now locked in a cell with our heroes, Tridus, Psycho Sam! and MysteryMan. Sudirt is dead. Orazath has obviously come back from his lair, and has the upperhand. Whatever shall be done? Et cetera. :)

We may be through with the past, but the past is not through with us.

(POST BOX STOREE) So, our heroes return to face Sudirt, and... - SM_007 - 2000-03-19 00:00:00