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'Just Another Sunday At the Death Matches?'

Author: Sid6.9 ()
Date: 2000-03-19 00:00:00

Just Another Sunday at the Death Matches is an in-character post dealing with the Friday Night War Room Death Matches, if you are not a fan of FNWRDM I suggest hitting the back button so your head won’t explode out of hatred for me and these stories.

The Death Match Forum is a buzz with life. The forumers are busy mingling about talking in earnest about the happenings on last Friday. Most conversations focusing on the killing of British in Y2T’s locker room and if Tridus and his boy MysteryMan had anything to do with it. Others talk on how when Flutie finds Y2T that he is going to kill him. Others are confused as a skinny man entered the forum today and proclaimed a prominent name in the Death Matches…

Man walking into forum- Ha, Ha, Ha, I have returned!

The forumers continue about their conversations…

Man- I said, I have returned damn it!

Some forumers look at the skinny man, then go back to their conversations…

Man- I said listen to me damn it! I have come back, and I rule over you all!

One forumer suddenly looks at the man…

Forumer- Oh yeah, I remember you. Your that dude that cleans my pool on Sundays. Where the hell have you been, I got tons of floating crap in my pool.

Man- I’m not a damn pool cleaner.

Forumer- Yes you are.

Man- No I’m not!

Forumer- Yes you are! Now go clean my pool damn it!

Man- Peak-Man doesn’t clean pools!

Most the forumers hearing that name look, then laugh at the man, as he thinks he is Peak_Man…

Forumer- Ha, Ha, Ha, you sir are not Peak_Man, and you better stop acting like you are.

Peak-Man- I am so Peak-Man. I just don’t use a _ I use a -.

Everyone looks to see his -, the shrug then go back to what they are doing. Peak-Man irritated that no one is listening to him goes around bothering people…

Peak-Man (To a group of 4 forumers)- Hey Peak is here, listen to me.

The 4 forumers shove him away, then one speaks to him…

Forumer #2- Boy you better stop trying to act like Peak_Man, cause he will be here soon! And I don’t think he will appreciate being copied.

Peak-Man- I am Peak-Man, the other guy is the fake one, he stole my name!

They all laugh at him saying “Yeah right” as the Peak-Man moves along to two forumers that are quietly plotting among themselves…

Peak-Man- Hey you two look smart, mind if I join you?

Unidentified Man- What, who the War][c][r][aft do you think you are, to join us?

Second unidentified Man (Jumping around the first guy)- Yeah, yeah Axe, you tell the dude who’s boss yeah, yeah Axe, you the man!

AxeCrush (Slaps the second man)- Shut the War][c][r][aft up Jerock!

Jerock whimpers in pain as AxeCrush raises his hand again…

Peak-Man- Well you guys mind if I join you?

They both shrug as 2 other men approach the 3 of them…

Orisis- Hey dude, check it out.

Mister EZ- Huh? Oh, heh, heh well if it isn’t AxeCrush and * Sings * his boy Elroy!

Orisis laughs as AxeCrush and Jerock stare menacingly at them…

AxeCrush- Shut up you War][c][r][aft up you War][c][r][aft, War][c][r][afters. I’ll War][c][r][aft all over you!

Jerock (Jumping around AxeCrush and speaking fast)- Yeah, he’ll do that too, he’s AxeCrush, he’s the man, right AxeCrush, right, right!

Orisis- Ha, ha, look at the little man, what does he fetch your slippers too AxeCrush?

Mister EZ- Heh, heh yeah, you guys are about the lamest fruits in here.

AxeCrush (Makes a pouty face)- Ahhh, you little boys are just mad because you didn’t get to upgrade your computers did you, you War][c][r][aft freaks you!

Jerock- Yeah, yeah, no upgrade, you geeks, yeah, yeah, go AxeCrush go, you the man, you the man!

Orisis and Mister EZ just look at one another and start laughing hysterically…

AxeCrush- Oh wait, I know you War][c][r][aft lame War][c][r][afting War][c][r][afters are just mad cause your lame War][c][r][aft fighters last week got upset cause you lost to BaseVilliN aren’t you?

Jerock- Yeah, yeah, lame ass fags got beat by BaseVilliN, yeah, yeah, you the man AxeCrush, you the man dude!

Orisis- To hell with BaseVilliN, I think I want a piece of the two of you!

Mister EZ- Oh hell yeah, lets kick some ass, quick!

As the 4 of them move towards one another suddenly “VooDoo Child” begins to blare from the house speakers as Flutie with Peak_Man and 30 some odd security guards start to head to the ring. Peak-Man rushes to the ramp as they walk down and screams at Peak_Man…

Peak-Man- Hey, Peak_Man, stop using my name, you lame ass fag, it’s my name not yours!

But Peak_Man doesn’t hear him as the fans chant “nWd, nWd, nWd!”

Flutie takes to the ring and instructs the guards to stand around it. He picks up the mic and places it up to his lips…

Flutie- All right, guess who’s back in the house baby! Damn straight it’s the nWd! Now I know most of you are wondering why I would risk coming out here again, with that mysterious man running around here killing off my boys?

Some anonymous fan- It’s no mystery anymore, it’s all Y2T, he’s the one doing all this crap!

The rest of the fans- Yeah!

Anonymous Fan- He’s trying to scare us all!

The rest of the fans- Yeah!

Anonymous Fan- Y2T and that MysteryMan need to pay for what they are doing, it’s not the way things get done here, death is supposed to happen in the ring, not outside of it!

The rest of the fans- Yeah

Anonymous Fan- The nWd will save us!

Flutie (Looking at the fan)- I don’t need you to tell me that, shut up and let me finish.

Anonymous Fan- Sorry Flutie, go for it.

Flutie- Well as this fruit pointed out (directing his hand to the forumer with the outburst), yes that’s why we are here. Because of Y2T being a pansy and killing my nWd brothers, he has turned his back on what the Death Matches stand for. He is killing my guys out of the Death Match ring, then runs away with Sid6.9! Ya see, it’s all about Sid6.9, he’s hired Y2T to get rid of my friends, well know what. This up-coming week I will be getting rid of Y2T once and for all, then Sid, whatcha gonna do, where ya gonna hide, when FlutieMania runs wild one you!

The fans cheer “nWd, nWd, nWd” as they make their way back out. Peak_Man notices that a skinny, much smaller man is yelling at him and flipping him off. Peak motions at Flutie who looks down at the man, turns to Peak_Man and mouths “Don’t worry about the lame fans, they are just jealous of your success” and the nWd disappear from where they came from…

Meanwhile AxeCrush and Jerock disappear into the recesses of the forum, as Orisis and Mister EZ look around for them…

Orisis- Damn it, they got away.

Mister EZ (Pulling out his cell-phone)- Don’t worry homey, the won’t get too far!

Later that night, SId6.9’s office has got a light on, with a gentle typing going on at a typewriter. Three well-dressed men approach the door. * Knock, knock *

Voice from inside- Come in.

rRaminrodt opens the door and is followed inside by the other two gentleman who quickly survey the room, then close the door and stand outside. rRaminrodt approaches Sid6.9 as he sits in his chair with his back to him…

rRaminrodt- Well Mr. 6.9 seems the cat has trapped the canary once again.


rRaminrodt- Mr. 6.9, it is time for you to give me what I want. I want the Death Match lease now!


rRaminrodt- Turn around Mr. 6.9 and face the inevitable, face your destiny.

Sid6.9- I will face the inevitable, but it is…

And the chair swivels as rRaminrodt takes a step backwards after seeing…

Y2T- your destiny that is about to change…

rRaminrodt- But you are, where is Sid6.9, I had a dealing with him.

Y2T- Well guess what jerky, you now have dealings with me.

rRaminrodt (Smiles and looks around the room briefly)- You are only a participant of these Death Matches, I have no dealings with a character of low standing…

Y2T throws up a hand then slaps a paper down in front of the Well-dressed, sunglassed man in the black suit…

rRaminrodt (Scans through the paper)- Well…….it seems the game is afoot, eh Mr. T?

Y2T- It is, and don’t call me Mr. T.

rRaminrodt- Oh I will get what I want Mr. T, it is only a matter of time.

Y2T- I don’t see that happening at anytime, now, leave my office, you pseudo-quasi-evil character you.

rRaminrodt (Sneers at Y2T briefly)- Very well, Mr. T, I will be watching. (Turns around to leave, and says from over his shoulder) And waiting for you to slip up Mr. T.

Y2T (As the man leaves the room)- I pity the fool that messes with T!

The well-dressed man clenches his fists as he stands there, he then walks out and closes the door as Y2T snickers to himself and spins in the chair…

Y2T (Speaking outloud and spinning in the chair)- Ho, ho, ho, ho the game certainly is afoot, it certainly is. Things are about to get very interesting, oh so interesting…

Sid6.9- "If weird was a person, he'd be me!" :-)

'Just Another Sunday At the Death Matches?' - Sid6.9 - 2000-03-19 00:00:00
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---Yeah, well, of course that's a possibility - but what if it's a setup within a setup? - SM_007 - 2000-03-19 00:00:00