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Hey, my story didn't screw things up, it fits in in any point of time, and was Sam's point of view.

Author: Psycho Sam! ()
Date: 2000-03-18 00:00:00

On 3/18/00 at 14:51 SM_007 wrote:

>There are some people out there that have wanted to contribute to the storyverse, but aren't completely sure what is going on and therefore would feel like fools in attempting to contribute. That's why I am posting this message, something that you should keep handy when you write your story, or storee, as I like to say. Then again, I spell "Canada" as "Canyda," so you might not want to trust my judgment. Wait, where was I? Ah, yes, the update!

>Basically, the Riptide forum is a big community building where people gather to chat. The community has about 20-30 people (I reckon, judging from previous stories), and basically the Riptide staff is the admins of the community, who keep order - kinda like police. They, however, fall under the jurisdiction of President MysteryMan, who works out of his own Government-like office, which is also a police station and has a courtroom in there somewhere. Got it? Geez, I hope so. Two buildings.

>This might be where some people get confused. Essentially, you have your Riptide staff members, SM_007, Tridus and Psycho Sam!. The other real-life members havn't written their characters in, and thus far, aren't being used. There are also forum personalities such as MysteryMan and rRamindrodt. Okay. But there are also some fictional characters, like the evil bad guy, Orazath, who is a Dark Templar from an alternate dimension. And from this dimension, Orazath the Dark Templar brought forth some evil twins: Psycho !Mas, Sudirt, and MS-700. I believe that's basically it when it comes to characters. Oh, and there is some evil character named Rolando (inside joke which comes from people guessing what the "R" stood for when we were introducing the teaser graphics), who seems to be powerful, but until rRaminrodt elaborates more on this character, we literally know jack-squat about the guy.

>What the heck happened so far in the storees:
>There are a couple of posts I looked up which you might want to read so you know what's going on:

>Twin Pardox
>By rRaminrodt

>The Friend of My Enemy is My Friend - or Something Like That
>By me, SM_007

>Psycho Sam! also recently posted a storee that, although it had a cool picture with it, totally screwed-up the timeline thus far and therefore I think we have to, unfortunately, disregard it. (He did, however, introduce the Moderator Bots, which I cover below.) Nonetheless, I am giving you people a link to it (it was posted recently), in the hopes that after reading it you won't be confused. If you are, I suggest coming back here, reading what I wrote AGAIN, and then reading those other two stories above - AGAIN. So, by now, you should have an idea on what's going on, but just so you know:

>What happened so far - Coles Notes format:
>MysteryMan had Tridus improsoned, and if I remember correctly it was because Tridus had changed his name to Dark Lord Tridus and was trying to rig the election for President, which MysteryMan eventually won anyway. Tridus, at the time, had sold his house, and Psycho !Mas was going to buy it for "his boss." Turns out that "his boss" is Orazath, the evil Dark Templar. He had MysteryMan (in the middle of his trial, no less), Psycho Sam! and me, SM_007, kidnapped, and tied up in his evil lair (some old, abandoned warehouse). We escaped thanks to the help of Psycho !Mas, who it turns out was the good twin all along, and Psycho Sam! was the evil twin (though he is a good guy anyway - you know, he's insane, but hey, we love the guy). It also turned out that Sudirt was actually Tridus, and the Tridus on trial is actually Sudirt, which explains why he was acting evil. MysteryMan promised to set things right as the REAL Tridus, SM_007, MysteryMan, Psycho Sam! and Psycho !Mas left the evil lair, of an enraged Orazath. Rolando, somwhere else, killed two cops in some ally, and promised doom and gloom and so forth. SM_007 also killed MS-700 and WellKnownGuy as they escaped the lair of Orazath.

>Where everyone is right now:
>MysteryMan, Psycho Sam!, Psycho !Mas, Tridus and SM_007 are heading back to the court building to warn everyone that the Tridus inside is actuall Sudirt, Tridus' evil twin. Tridus is especially motivated, as Sashie, his beloved laptop that talks like a little girl and calls him "daddy," is in that building somewhere too and is in danger, if not from Sudirt then from the clumsy guards. Orazath is going to wake up soon (he was knocked out with a sucker punch), and being a Dark Templar, we should all fear his wrath. Rolando is lurking somewhere too, but we'll all have to wait for rRaminrodt to see where THAT goes.

>For Psycho Sam!'s sake, we can assume that the giant killer robots from the Void (the alternate dimension I was speaking of earlier) are still out there, chasing him. Here is a picture of a Moderator Bot, the Bots that have been hunting Psycho Sam! down. Oh yeah, and Princess Tatiana is in her small miliatary ship floating over North America, but again, we can't do anything until she writes the next part, so don't worry about it. :)

>CHARACTERS (they are grouped together if the ARE together):
>MysteryMan, Tridus, SM_007, Psycho Sam!, Psycho !Mas
>Sudirt (not with Orazath, but works for him)
>Princess Tatiana
>The Blizzard Moderator Bots


>Seriously, though, if anyone still has ANY questions...ask! I seem to have this all figured out and it is not too bad when you actually think about it, read the stories, and relax. It's not that complicated. Still, though, if anyone is confused after making an honest attempt to learn this stuff, lemme know ASAP. Also, if I have made any mistakes or forgotten anything, tell me. I think that's it, and now my brain is soar. But really, there are only a handful of characters to worry about, and it all involves Sudirt and Orazath right now. Well, have fun reading, and PLEASE responding if you have ANYTHING to say or ask or complain about or whatever. See ya! Wouldn't wanna - BE YA!

>We may be through with the past, but the past is not through with us.

I am Sam!
Psycho Sam!
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-Hey, my story didn't screw things up, it fits in in any point of time, and was Sam's point of view. - Psycho Sam! - 2000-03-18 00:00:00