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Okay. Sorry I was gone so long. I've been REALLY busy!

Author: Un-King WizardSlayer ()
Date: 2000-03-18 00:00:00

I had to finish my ROTC webpage before annual inspection. It's not even CLOSE to being done yet and I only have until the 22nd of March to get it done. The 22nd is our units annual inspection by *Snicker* Major ... *Breaks out laughing* ... Okay okay ... you'll never belive this but the inspector for the units name is ... *Snicker* Major Gay !!! *Breaks out lauging again*. Anyway our SASI ( Person in charge of the unit ) wanted me to make a webpage for the unit by the 22nd to make it the unit look good. So I agreed (Hoping I'd get a promotion or something for it.) I had to try out like three different layouts until I figured out a good one! Every layout seemed to take an eternity. I had to make everything myself. It was friggen insane.

Anyway. I'm gonna take a break today. There's no way I'm working my ass off on a Saturday. =)

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Okay. Sorry I was gone so long. I've been REALLY busy! - Un-King WizardSlayer - 2000-03-18 00:00:00
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