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James Bond, with license to film. Pierce Brosnan is filming on my city!

Author: El cazador ()
Date: 2000-03-15 00:00:00

This is too cool.

For those of you who don't know, I'm panamanian. I live in this little country in Central America between Costa Rica and Colombia, somewhat famous for it's canal. It's a nice country, with beaches to both sides, and just a 2 hour drive from the atlantic ocean to the pacific one. We're not that well known around the world, and there's not much that really happens around here to go around telling anyone.

Then again, it seems there's a hollywood style movie being filmed in our shores. It's called "El sastre de Panamá" (Panama's tailor) from a John LeCarré novel, and we got Geoffrey Rush (Oscar Laureate), Jamie Lee Curtis, and Pierce Brosnan filming on spot! There was this massive traffic jam in the capital bank area, due to filming. And I quote from the newspaper: "In this and in many other banks, no one has worked today. Specially women. The news is James Bond, and no one is talking of anything else".

My brother's girlfriend works at a bank, and she says women were leaving in groups of four people to go take a peek at the filming area, (and specially Brosnan). She says they had lots of extras walking around, even crackheads. I got a friend who says she'll show up as an extra (though she could be lying. Don't really know).

So keep your eyes peeled for when the movie comes out. You'll get to know what my country looks like. Specially the canal and the capital buses (They're actually tourist attractions. Painted in red with loads of drawings everywhere, famous for running down elderly people and having guys hanging from their doors at rush hours.)

Oh well, just felt like posting something. I bet that for Edgar, this ain't that big a deal (he lives in New York. How many movies have been filmed in that little town anyway?) I'm not dead, just been busy, and still am for a couple more days.


El cazador

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