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- Mathes Dunsirn (Giovanni Elder)
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All about HiredGoons.ca

This page is about HiredGoons.ca. If you want to know what software I'm using, look at the credits page. This deals with how I do some things, and so on.

The site is generated by GoonScript® 2, which was created by me. Big surprise there I'm sure. The old version was a mess of code held together by duct tape. This new version uses a OOP approach, and is held together by less duct tape.

We're on layout v2 now. v1 was the old uglier one. You can see a picture of it in the Gallery of Beatings if you're curious. v1 was created by me, v2 was created by Liz. yay Liz!

Everything is formatted with CSS. Everything. Boxes, bars, links... what part of everything didn't you understand? There are some things that you can't even see right away, like how the page changes its format when you print. Well, v1 doesn't. v2 does useful things to make the printout actually useful (such as auto convert links into a text representation of where the link would go, getting rid of navbars and footers, etc). Not all browsers support all of this stuff, so if it doesn't do it for you...

If you get to a page that says "this has been cached for some amount of time", that means the page was cached using a caching script I created. The advantage in load time and bandwidth saving can be rather tremendous for some of these pages, thats why I created it. Some of the Riptide pages are the most dramatic, the threadlist goes from 18 seconds to build to 1. That is a good thing for server resources.

If something doesn't work for you, let me know. I care about my customers, I can try to do something to help you. Unless you're using Netscape 4 of course, in which case I will just send someone to beat your sorry ass instead.

And in case you're wondering, passwords are stored using a one way encrypted format. So no, I don't have a copy of your password. Not like I need it, I can just have it beaten out of you anyway.

This page even validates! Valid XHTML 1.0!